The hot topic, both within construction and current affairs, is the drive to reduce carbon emissions and achieve Net Zero.

We work with our clients to find the most cost effective way to achieve the projects’ fabric efficiency target - the heat loss through the structure and insulation of the building. The building regulations Approved Document L sets out the minimum standards for heat loss and energy use. Each new building must undergo a Standard Assessment Procedure. This process covers the fabric heat loss, energy use, and much more. On completion, you will receive an Energy Performance Certificate showing your home’s rating. 

TimberTight have in-house ability to calculate U-values, thermal bridging details (Psi values), and have a range of details to achieve building air tightness, which feed into the SAP assessment.

How We Target Heat Loss

TimberTight U-Values

A U-value is a calculation of the heat loss through the fabric of the building measured in W/m/(m2k). It’s calculated by adding together the thermal resistances of the materials within each building element.

TimberTight can produce project specific U-values for the project wall build-up, roof, and floor.

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TimberTight Air Tightness

As part of the SAP assessment, an air tightness target will be set, which is measured in air changes per hour with a pressure difference between internal and external of 50 Pascals.

The overall air tightness will be in control of the Principal Contractor and depending on the target value and the strategy, TimberTight can produce details which help achieve it.

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TimberTight Thermal Bridging

A Psi value is a calculation of the heat loss through the junctions between elements of the buildings' construction and is calculated in W(m.K).

TimberTight’s software and in house ability to calculate the Psi values enables project specific junction design, and allows improvement of the details if required to pass the SAP assessment.

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TimberTight Fire Testing

In conjunction with achieving lower U-values, TimberTight are funding research and development into testing new wall build-ups to comply with Building Regulations Approved Document B - Fire Safety. We have test data for plasterboard fixed to an internal service batten and are continually assessing requirements for potential new walls build ups.

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