Passivhaus is a building standard that is truly energy efficient, comfortable, and affordable.


Five Main Principles

Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery

Cold air intake is heated by warm air extract in a heat exchanger. Can have a coefficient of performance of up to 12-14 which is at least 3 times more efficient than a heat pump.

Air tightness

With an air tightness target of over ten times that of building regulations, very little heat is lost through air leakage.

Thermal bridge reduced design

TimberTight’s Passivhaus Lattice wall frame is designed to virtually eliminate thermal bridges within the structural envelope. TimberTight's in-house ability to calculate thermal bridges with advanced thermal modeling software ensures details on new projects can be checked for compliance with the Passivhaus standards.

Passivhaus windows

Triple glazed windows and doors with a very low U-Value and excellent air tightness.

Thermal Insulation

An increased wall thickness allows for the insulation depth to be increased so that heat loss is limited, with a very low wall U-value.

TimberTight’s Lattice wall can be adapted to reach very low U-values.

What is Passivhaus?

Passivhaus is not a brand name, but a tried-and-tested construction concept, in which building physics is applied during the design and construction process.

In practice, this means that an average 3 bedroom house will cost no more than £200 per year in heating costs.

The TimberTight Lattice Wall

Our patented Passivhaus wall system virtually eliminates thermal bridging through its twin wall offset stud design.

We have developed an air tightness system which has been proven to achieve and surpass the Passivhaus minimum requirement of 0.6 air changes per hour.

TimberTight can produce project specific U-values for the project wall build up, roof and floor.


Air tight, insulated factory manufactured twin leaf external timber frame wall. Wall build up tailored to project u-values - much more available upon request.

Interested in Passivhaus? See our case studies.

Passivhaus Builds

Sustainable, thermally efficient dwellings with a unique timber frame design suited to Passivhaus standards, finished in a mixture of acrylic render, and metal, timber and brick cladding.


11 Months
20 Houses