Building eco-friendly homes – timber frame construction grows in popularity

25 March, 2024

As government policy continues to shift towards promoting more sustainable building materials, what does this mean for timber frame suppliers such as TimberTight?

It goes without saying that we have embraced the noticeable shift towards using more eco-friendly building materials such as timber frame on both environmental and economic grounds.

Meanwhile, timber continues to be recognised as the ideal building material in terms of its “green credentials”.  The many advantages include:

  • Making a major contribution to reducing a new building’s carbon footprint
  • Offering significant cost savings during construction, along with more predictable project timetables as the frames are constructed off site
  • Minimising waste during manufacturing
  • Offering exceptional thermal efficiency, resulting in long-term energy savings for home purchasers/tenants.

TimberTight managing director Paul Williamson said: “We are often asked to be specific about lead-in times. The good news is that our lead in times, from the design stage to commencement on site, are typically 8 to 12 weeks. This includes design time and off-site manufacturing. 

“Once the timber frame is ready, on-site construction can be completed in as a little as a week, including installation of wall panels and roof trusses.”

Paul added that once the timber frame structure is complete, a new house is weather proofed with the addition of windows and roof tiles.  External cladding and first fixing then follows, bringing the project closer to completion.

He said: “At TimberTight, we don’t just provide timber frame systems; we offer comprehensive support throughout the entire building process.

“Our experienced team is on hand to assist with design, build programmes, insulation options, ventilation strategies, and more. We believe in sharing our expertise to ensure the success of every project.”

Interested in learning more?  Our friendly approachable team is always willing to have an informal, initial chat to help you create sustainable, efficient and beautiful homes for the future.

Together, let’s build a greener tomorrow, one timber frame at a time.